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Magickal Mini Taper Candles (12 Colors)
Magickal Mini Taper Candles (12 Colors)
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Magickal Mini Taper Candles (12 Colors)

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Magickal Mini Taper Candles - Magickal Mini Tapers are great to use during a ritual that you need to have the candles finish to completion that same evening. Always anoint (dress) your candles with a corresponding oil for your magickal goal. While you are rubbing the oil onto the candle, you are imbibing the candle with your energy & intention. This is released as you burn the candle. Carving symbols, sigils & names onto a candle also gives it a power punch of potency! See our Herb & Stone for a more detailed explanation of how candle Magick works. Gold & Silver Mini Tapers are $1.80 each since they are dipped in Gold & Silver flake paint.

  • Red - .75 ea - love, passion, courage - 1st Chakra
  • Orange - .75 ea - strength, success, attraction - 2nd Chakra
  • Yellow - .75 ea - clairvoyance, communication - 3rd Chakra
  • Green - .75 ea - healing, prosperity, growth - 4th Chakra
  • Blue - .75 ea - meditation, tranquility, peace - 5th Chakra
  • Purple/Violet - .75 ea - spirituality, wisdom, intuition, dreams - 6th Chakra
  • White - .75 ea - clarity, protection - 7th Chakra
  • Black - .75 ea - absorbs negative energy, protection - 1st Chakra
  • Pink - .75 ea - happiness, self-love, self-esteem - 4th Chakra
  • Brown - .75 ea - Earth, animals, grounding, business - 1st Chakra
  • Silver - 1.80 ea - dipped in actual silver, feminine, Goddess, Moon, sensitivity - 1st Chakra
  • Gold - 1.80 ea - dipped in actual gold, masculine, Sun, wealth, protection

How to work with a Candle:

When you anoint your candle with herbs &/or oils on your (a practice called dressing), you are rubbing your intentions & focused energy into the candle - which then stores it like a battery.

Carving sigils, symbols, names, etc. adds extra punch to the power. Holding the candle in your hands, end to end, & chanting a seed word or phrase; starting slowly & growing to a crescendo in speed & volume until your words run together into "semantic satiation". This is when a word or several words are repeated perpetually until the brain can no longer identify them. This seed word or phrase then becomes a verbal sigil. This is the peak we require. It’s then that you have reached a state of ecstatic gnosis. A very powerful state for manifesting. It's the launching power behind our Magickal Intentions.

The subconscious still knows what it is. This allows us to bypass the conscious mind that gets in our way of manifesting. We bypass all of the doubts. We plant that seed deep into the our subconscious mind & our timeline, to then manifest in our lives.

We light the candle at that moment when it all comes together.

Then we allow the candle to burn to completion. Saving the wax that is left in a pouch. You can also grate the wax to create a sprinkle for hexing.

Don't Forget...

Don't forget to purchase a holder for your Magickal Mini Taper candle. Grab one here: MAGICKAL MINI TAPER HOLDER.

One Magickal Mini Taper Candle with about a 2 hour burn time.

Never leave a light candle unattended.