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Hocus Pocus Magickal Baths

Hocus Pocus Magickal Baths

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL orders requiring Magickal Apotheckary Items may require extra time to be shipped to your location, regardless of the shipping method selected.

Hocus Pocus Signature Spiritual Baths - Ritual Baths are have been around since ancient times. Our bodies are made up of over 60% (or more) water. This we are heavily influenced by Magick that is done through the etheric energy of Water.

A Ritual Bath is taken with a spiritual purpose - usually used to cleanse your Aura, banish negativity, remove curses/dark workings, to provide protection, to heal your heart, expand your psychic ability, for glamour & attraction, or to draw money into your life. Ritual baths are effective for these intentions & so much more!

Since ancient times, people bathed to clean their bodies but also to purify their Spirits. Water is cleansing, healing, renewing, & refreshing. When we add things to it with specific vibrations, we boost its magickal effects. Water acts as a conduit for spirit & therefore enhances our connection to the Universe, thus making our Baths very effective. When you align your intentions with the Moon’s Phases - Ritual Baths become SO intensely more powerful. When powerful cleansing or uncrossing is needed, take a Bath on the Waning or New Moon. When you want to attract love or money into your life, bathe on the Full Moon. When you are growing a new business take a Ritual Bath on the Waxing Moon. In addition to Moon Bathing, you can also time your Ritual Baths with Sabbats.

PLEASE NOTE: None of our Magickal Apotheckary items are premade mixtures like you might see elsewhere. ALL of our Magickal Apotheckary items are hand made especially for YOU after you purchase them! That means that these items may take a little more time to formulate into the perfect blend that will resonate with your individual vibration, purpose, & needs. These are custom made & created with such intensity that they may require a little longer processing time to complete! So please, have patience while we get your custom blended items together for you & everyone else. Thank you!

Size: 4 oz package

COME TO ME BATH - This old time tried & true southern formula is to draw someone you’ve desired for a long time or want to attract a new love. This bath will have a powerful influence. Smolder our signature Come to Me incense the Carve the person you desire’s name into the candles. If you desire a brand new lover, write your name onto the candle. Dress the candle with our signature Come To Me Oil. Be a triple threat & follow-up by wearing our signature Come To Me Oil.

DREAMSCAPES BATH - To help facilitate lucid dreaming, precognitive dreaming & vivid dreams. Anoint purple or white candle & slip into this amazingly relaxing ritual soak. Let your body drink in the proprietary blend of essential oils, herbs & flowers. Anoint your 3rd Eye & your Heart Chakra with the Dreamscapes Oil before retiring. Apply some to a light bulb ring in you bedroom 15 mins before retiring. Rub 1 drop between your hands & lightly run them over your pillow. Smolder a small amount of the incense in a potpourri burner with a little water from the bath added to it before retiring. Then go walking through your dreams.

GLAMOUR ALCHEMY BATH - When you require a straight up Glam Slam! Let your Star shine! Use to pump your glamour. Anoint a pink & a white candle w the Glamour Alchemy Oil & burn during the ritual soak. Feel the spell in the water soak into your very pores - feeling it radiate beauty all through you. Inhale the intoxicating fragrance. After your Glamour Alchemy bath, anoint yourself with the Glamour Alchemy Oil to jump it into overdrive. Burn Glamour Alchemy incense during your bathing ritual to intensify the saturation of the Glamour Magick you are doing. Also use the Oil to dress candles & the incense during any rituals you do for Glamour. Also anoint light bulbs & smolder incense on charcoal or in a potpourri burner w water or in an oil burner w a tsp of water added if u are having some special over for a romantic evening. Or an evening that you require an extra "Je ne sais quoi" on your part.

HOLY HYSSOP BATH - Holy Hyssop bath goes way back to biblical times. This ritual bath is great to take once a month to remove astral debris & clean up your energy.

IRON GAUNTLET OF PROTECTION BATH - This iron infused formula provides powerful protection against both psychic & physical attacks. Do a ritual soak in this bath when you need strong protection. For extra potency add 3 drop of your blood (with the sterile lancet provided) to the mixture. Wear the Oil & anoint openings into your home, ie: doors, windows, etc..& smolder the incense around your home as you would a Sage Wand.

LADY LUCK’S WINNER’S CIRCLE BATH - A Gamblers Lucky Charm. If ventures & speculation are your game, then this bath is for you! Be it numbers, sports, lottery, racing, slots, dice, bingo, cards, pool, craps, or bigger ventures. Anything risky, this will put you in Lady Luck's circle even before you begin. Light a green candle that’s anointed with Midas Touch Oil. Soak in the winner's circle bath. Close your eyes & see the luck absorbing into you skin. See yourself winning big money, sky’s the limit. Feel the magnetic pull of the North drawing abundance to you. After the water starts to cool down, pat dry with a clean towel from your feet up to the top of your head to keep the energy drawing to you. Anoint yourself with Midas Touch Oil on your 7 Chakra points of energy - Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, & Root). Anoint the soles of your feet & the palms of your hands. Carry the iron nail & the magnet on your person when you play.

MIDAS TOUCH BATH - Everything King Midas touched turned to gold! That is the plan here! Light a green candle that you’ve dressed with our Midas Touch Oil & burn the incense while relaxing in a ritual soak (envisioning the wealth pouring into you). Sit in this bath with real gold flecks before going into any monetary venture, games of chance, & starting a new venture. Rub onto the Palms of your hands for games of chance that you handle, sprinkle the incense in your shoes. Smudge yourself with the smoke. You can use the incense & oil for a prosperity spell on a Thursday.

REVERSIBLE U-TURN BATH - Use to reverse & send back hexes, evil eye, bad luck, & bad health that has been put upon you by another. Use in conjunction with one of our Reversible U-Turn Candles or a Reversing Candle. If you know who did it, carve their name in the candle written backwards. Dress the candle with Reversible U-Turn Oil. Place a mirror beneath the candle face up. You can place the candle in a tinfoil cup to catch the wax. Light the Candle & allow the hex to melt off of you & into the water while the candle is burning. When you feel it’s off of you & the bath is starting to cool down (20 mins on average) step out of the tub, dry with a fresh towel, & put on clean clothing. Use a container or bottle & fill it with the bath water that holds the hex. Cap it TIGHTLY. Drain the rest from the tub, watching that curse go down the drain. Rinse tub when through. Now you must take the bath water to the villains home late at night in the cover of shadows. Empty the cursed water at their door step in any manner you choose. Pouring it slowly letting it soak into the very ground they walk on, or wailing the bottle hard enough to burst the polluted water back onto where the reside. Be creative. Your reversal is now finished & your work is done! Let their own curse do them in while you enjoy the good life.

3RD EYE PSYCHIC BATH - Place any crystals you have around the edge of the tub with several candles for light. Smolder the incense version in your bathroom. Relax into this ritual bath for awakening your 3rd Eye & increasing your psychic abilities. Practice tool-less divination. Close your eyes & open your mind to ALLOW whatever comes into it. After your bath write down what you have seen, heard, etc & then see what comes for confirmation that you were indeed divining. We must always keep track & record things so we can figure out what is true that we have seen. You can do this bath as often as you feel it should be done. Wearing the Oil version on your 3rd Eye & smoldering the Incense version during readings, divination, & any psychic work to help open up your third eye & your intuitive powers.

UNCROSSING COMPOUND 23 BATH - To remove hexes, the Evil Eye, crossings, & malevolent energies. Bathe thyself for 7 days w the bath salts. Smolder the incense letting it purify all the energy around you. As u soak in the compound, breath slow & deep, allowing the compound to eradicate all hexes, crossing or general negative energy, letting it fill you inside & out w this powerful uncrossing. Anoint thyself after each bath with the Uncrossing Compound 23 Oil on the 7 Chakras & the palms of hands & soles of feet. Smolder this powerful banishing compound in dwelling & smudge yourself w the smoke. Can be used on others, or things that have been hexed, or carry a bad juju vibe. After the 7th day, switch to Iron Gauntlet Protection Oil.

WITCHY WOMAN BATH - They say there’s a witch in every woman. Light some candles anointed with the Oil & relax in a ritual bath in this Bewitching, Enchanting Brew. Smolder the incense & Let the Universal feminine energy & power fill you. Feel your power wax During the full moon in this bath. Cleanse your etheric body & recharge your battery witchy powers with this bath. If you’ve been doing a lot of “witch work” & are feeling tired or drained, then we recommend you use this bath more than once a month. Use as needed. As a general rule of thumb, once a month to keep your motor clean & energized. Follow the bath with a clean towel & clean clothing. Rinse the tub when you are done. Sitting quietly with a candle & meditating for 10 minutes afterward will allow the energy to settle in where it is required in your body. You can power up any time in between monthly baths with the Witchy Woman Oils. If you are feeling sluggish & don’t have the time for the full bath ritual, anoint yourself w the oil. If you can close your eyes for 5-10 minutes taking breath in through the nose & out through the mouth. In with the energizing air, out with the negative energy. This Oil will tune you right back up!


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