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Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas - Oils & Incense Formulations
Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas - Oils & Incense Formulations
Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas - Oils & Incense Formulations
Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas - Oils & Incense Formulations
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Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas - Oils & Incense Formulations

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL orders requiring Magickal Apotheckary Items may require extra time to be shipped to your location, regardless of the shipping method selected.

Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas: Oils & Incense Formulations - Hocus Pocus Signature Blends are our very own formulations created from over 30 years of alchemy knowledge & experience combining the purest alchemical “gold” distilled from flowers, resins, herbs, & roots to create the finest Magickal blends available to you in oil, incense, bath salts, floor wash, & sprinkle powders.

The process of distillation, is a profoundly alchemical process, involving all 4 elementals. Each element is necessary to coax out the plant's life energies in this process of transformation.

Essential oils are profound plant medicines that interact in very complex ways with our human cells. Essential oils are complex harmonies that nature produces made up of many specific chemical molecules. Their highly potent constitution makes them powerfully attuned and they can behave as chemical messengers, capable of unlocking the receptor sites of cells & communicating with our cellular intelligence at the level of the DNA.

This is where Science & Magick are one. And it's with this knowledge that we create our Hocus Pocus Signature Apotheckary Formulas.

PLEASE NOTE: None of our Magickal Apotheckary items are premade mixtures like you might see elsewhere. ALL of our Magickal Apotheckary items are hand made especially for YOU after you purchase them! That means that these items may take a little more time to formulate into the perfect blend that will resonate with your individual vibration, purpose, & needs. These are custom made & created with such intensity that they may require a little longer processing time to complete! So please, have patience while we get your custom blended items together for you & everyone else. We also do not offer refunds on custom made products. Thank you!

Incense Instructions: Hocus Pocus self-made Incense is specially prepared to be burned in a fireproof bowl & without  charcoal to burn. DO NOT place your Incense on charcoal tablets. Simply place your Incense in a cone shape & light with a match/lighter. Gently blow out the flame & your Incense will continue to burn.

Size: Oils - 2 dram, 1/4 fl oz | Incense - 2 oz package

Signature Formulas

  • Animal Magnetism - Is charged with magnets & magnetic sand plus potent aphrodisiac essential oils to awaken the inner animal for Sexual Attractiveness & Raw Charisma. The energy then shines around you creating a bright aura, making people around you feel good. This gives you a charismatic & magnetic presence that others are drawn to.  positive feelings are transferred to others, who then in turn feel good & whose sexuality starts to blossom. This creates a genuine sexual attraction that goes beyond reason & creates instant emotional intimacy & chemistry. In terms of sexual attraction, you can view animal magnetism as a magnet. The stronger the magnet, the more it attracts magnets of opposite polarity. Anoint yourself with the Oil infusion. Shoulder the incense in your dwelling, & use the bathe if you are inclined to. You can also use the Oil & Incense in a ritual with red candles & the Sigil of Venus included,
  • Bridge Between Worlds - This Hocus Pocus favorite for divination, scrying, astral travel, & any ritual that relies heavily on walking between the worlds & communing with Discarnates & Spirits. Anoint your 3rd Eye & sole of your feet. Anoint divination candles, divination tools; the backside of a scrying mirror, the circular edge of a scrying bowl, crystal ball or quarts crystal, tarot, pendulum, etc.. Burn the incense while preforming any of these works.
  • Celestial Muse - Success formula for artists & performers. Provides inspiration, helps with creativity & attracts attention, fame & prosperity.
  • Dream Work - To help facilitate lucid dreaming, precognitive dreaming, & vivid dreams. Anoint your 3rd eye & your heart chakra before retiring. Apply some to a lightbulb diffuser ring in you bedroom 15 minutes before retiring. Rub 1 drop between your hands & lightly run them over your pillow. Smolder a small amount of the incense version before retiring. Or add a few drops of oil to your bath before retiring. Then go walking through your dreams.
  • Forget Me Not - To haunt the thoughts & heart of the one you desire. Like a silken breeze, your scent, your eyes, your laughter, your body, your very essence will dance the tango of desire within their being. They will think of you, unable to stop. They will desire only you & can never forget you!
  • Glamour Alchemy - Wear this oil or place in a bath when you require a straight up Glam Slam! Let your Star shine! Use to pump your glamour vibes into overdrive.
  • Happy Home - Infused with warm rose & myrrh oils, plus sweet orange blossoms. Your home, no matter what state it is in, is your sanctuary. Use this oil & incense to help create an environment that is warm & inviting, or to bless others with good wishes. Allow this blend to promote happiness & good health in any home or gathering of people. Feel the tension & stress dissolve away when you burn the incense or use the oil to anoint your candles, yourself, or place in an oil infuser or potpourri to calm a stormy household & bring happiness & peace into your sanctuary.
  • Iron Gauntlet of Protection - This iron infused formulas provides powerful protection against both psychic & physical attacks. For extra potency add 3 drop of your blood (with the sterile lancet provided) to the mixture. Wear the Oil & anoint the openings into your home, ie: doors, windows, etc. Smolder the incense version around your home as you would a sage wand.
  • Jumping The Broom - Used for Hand Fasting/Wedding/Commitment rituals. This romantic blend represents projective energies mixing with receptive energies to form the perfect elixir of life. The day before the wedding each person puts a small amount of their sexual fluid & their sacred elixir (1 drop of blood), in their respective bottles of oil. The projective vial of oil is a blend of strong woodsy warm & spicy base that is composed of sandal wood, vanilla, tonka bean, amber, & musk. The receptive vial emanates the heart: blooming in opulent flowers: Indian jasmine, cold woodsy iris, luscious narcissus, violet, & delicate rose. With high notes of bergamot. Both versions of this Blend come with full instructions & ritual for use.
  • Lost Puppy - To coax somebody else’s object of affection your way. Anoint the oil on spell candles, on parchment with objects name written 9 times on parchment with Dove’s Blood Ink, or lightly anoint things the person touches. Use the incense as a “sprinkle” that they walk through, or where they sit etc.. Be creative with this one!
  • Love Potion #7 - Dearly Beloved, we have gathered here today for this thing called LOVE POTION #7. Inspired by the Purple One himself. This Sexy MF blend envelops you in the royalty & psychic vibration of purple. Made with the scent He wore plus charged with amethyst (oil blend only), rose petals, lavender, & musk.
  • Love Potion #9 - A classic “drive them wild” love scent that we have enchanted to make even sexier with our own proprietary formula. Use for all things sensual, sexy, & love related. Draw others by using the oil &/or incense in a love/lust spell, then wear the oil to entrance them even more.
  • Love Potion #13 - We’ve taken Love Potion #9 & added the mystery & enigma of the number 13 to envelope you in a cloak of hypnotic allurement. Add 3 drops of your sacred elixir (blood) to take this to the next level of true Sorcery. Anoint yourself, gifts, letters, spell candles, light rings, figure candles for love spells, etc..
  • Midas Touch - Everything King Midas touched turned to gold! That's the plan here! Use the oil with real gold flecks to anoint yourself before going into any monetary venture, games of chance & starting a new venture. anoint prosperity candles, etc..rub onto Palms of your hands for games of chance that you handle.. sprinkle the incense in your shoes. Smudge yourself w the smoke.  You can use the incense & oil for a prosperity spell.
  • Necromancer - For communing with the Discarnate. The Discarnate are as they were in life, just without a body. They are everywhere. Some of us see them & some need to develop this ability. This blend is not to be taken lightly or used in jest. It’s compounded of the things of death. Dead leaves, flowers, graveyard dirt, are just a small sampling of this necromantic formula. Do not expect a beautiful scent. This is Necromancy. You will need to add several drops of your blood to the formula. Discarnates are attracted to the living’s blood because it represents life. If you have something of theirs present, they are drawn to their personal effects. If you are inexperienced, please only contact someone that you knew.  Remember you must wait a year after their passing - they need time to adjust. Unless they have come to you. Think of it in the way as a phone call in the first year; don’t call us, we’ll call you. People always want to contact famous people in history, & it takes a very skilled experienced Necromancer to achieve this. This formula comes complete with instructions & a sigil that you will use.
  • Psychic Protection - Use when working between worlds. When using talking boards, spirit channeling, doing readings, clearing buildings & getting rid of unwanted negative energies, entities, etc..
  • Reversible U-turn - Use our Reversible U-turn Blend to reverse hexes, evil eye, bad luck, & bad health that has been put upon you by another. Use this oil with our Reversing Candles &/or burn the incense during Reversing Spells.
  • Road Opener - Our Road Opener Oil is specially formulated to clear away blockages & open pathways to achieving your goals & desires. Working with Mercurial energies, this formula will blast open the road to allow you a clear path to your requirements. Can be used to anoint yourself, dress candles, etc..
  • 3rd Eye Psychic Development - Wearing this oil on your Third Eye, smoldering the incense during readings, divination, & any psychic work to help open up your Third Eye & your intuitive powers.
  • Truth & Justice - Wear this oil or burn this incense to infuse ANY working where "Ultimate" Truth & Justice is needed to be had. If you've been wronged or find yourself in a situation where the absolute truth & the deserving retribution of pure justice is needed - then this is the perfect concoction for your requirements! Use the Oil to anoint candles, to wear, to anoint legal documents, etc.. Burn the incense during candle workings & other rituals related to Truth & Justice. Use with our Truth & Justice Magickal Votive Candle.
  • Uncrossing Compound 23 - To remove hexes, the Evil Eye, crossings, & malevolent energies. Burn Uncrossing Compound 23 Incense in your home or dwelling. Use Compound 23 Oil to anoint yourself or any objects that require uncrossing. Also anoint all windows, doors, & openings into dwelling with Uncrossing Compound 23 Oil. Oil formulation can also be used on vehicles.
  • Witchy Woman - They say there’s a witch in every woman. Wear this Bewitching, Enchanting formula to put a little Magick in your bag of seduction Mojo. Their pants will be on fire! Be a triple threat w the Oil, bath & incense!

Size: Oils - 2 dram, 1/4 fl oz | Incense - 2 oz package