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Hocus Pocus Magickal Floor Washes

Hocus Pocus Magickal Floor Washes

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL orders requiring Magickal Apotheckary Items may require extra time to be shipped to your location, regardless of the shipping method selected.

Hocus Pocus Magickal Floor Washes - Floor Wash are a good way to clear away any baneful unhealthy energy is with the use of a Floor Wash. It is good practice to spiritually cleanse your home once a month during either the Full or New Moon. Applying a Magickal Floor Wash is a traditional and discreet way to cast a spell. A Floor Wash is made by infusing botanicals  in water & then applying to a clean floor. Floor Washes can be used to both draw & repel depending on the herbs used.

How To Use Floor Washes - Floor Washes are used in a very specific manner, this procedure should be used every time you magickally cleanse your house. Clean your home from the back of the house toward the front door. Mop the floors & wipe down the floor boards & the window sills with the floor wash, focusing & visualizing the negativity being neutralized. You are whisking the energy from the deepest parts of your home out the front door. If you have carpeted floors you can dampen a broom with the floor wash & lightly stroke it across the carpet.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that some floor washes COULD stain, so use good judgment in how you apply them. Another option on carpet is to put some in a spray bottle & lightly spray the rug. Always keep pets away until it dries. You can always wipe down the floor boards & window sills with a dampened rag no matter what. Work from the top downward, from the back of the house to the front door.

Once you’ve reached the threshold of the front door, wipe down the entire molding of the door & the threshold, then take your bucket of mop water & mop from the sidewalk inward toward your front door. This is to bring in the desired influences (positivity, luck, money, protection, etc). Finish at the threshold of the door, wipe down the molding from the outside of the house & the threshold.

Cleanse the Front Door thoroughly. Wipe down the front door of your home, inside & out, using your floor wash. As you wipe the door, focus on it to be a portal for goodness into your home. Cleanse away any negativity, any curses, any evil, & to draw in goodness, health, stability, money, or whatever you desire. You may anoint the front door with small crosses drawn in an appropriate oil recommended for your wash. Anoint the four corners & center of your door inside & out as well.

Finally, take the bucket of used mop water to a crossroads & throw it over your left shoulder into the center of the crossroads toward the rising sun & walk away without looking back. If there are no crossroads nearby, do not dump the water near your home! Dump it in Earth off of your property.

***Make sure your mop is rinsed clean of any cleansers as they will destroy the essential oils in the formula. We recommend getting a mop that is ONLY used for your floor washes. Put 3 capfulls into a bucket of plain warm water.

For a custom "made to order" personalized Floor Wash for your specific special requirements - you can do so at our contact form or by email HERE. After a short consultation to determine your needs, you will be directed to a custom Magickal Floor Wash purchase page to finalize your order. CONTACT US FIRST IF YOU REQUIRE A CUSTOM MAGICKAL FLOOR WASH!

PLEASE NOTE: None of our Magickal Apotheckary items are premade mixtures like you might see elsewhere. ALL of our Magickal Apotheckary items are hand made especially for YOU after you purchase them! That means that these items may take a little more time to formulate into the perfect blend that will resonate with your individual vibration, purpose, & needs. These are custom made & created with such intensity that they may require a little longer processing time to complete! So please, have patience while we get your custom blended items together for you & everyone else. Thank you!

Size: 8 oz plastic bottle with easy pour cap


IRON GAUNTLET OF PROTECTION - This iron infused formulas provides powerful protection against both psychic & physical attacks. For extra potency add 3 drop of your blood (with the sterile lancet provided) to the mixture. Clean floor as described in introduction above. Anoint all windows, doors & pathways into your home with Iron Gauntlet of Power.

UNCROSSING FLOOR WASH - Removes spiritual blocks. This floor wash will banish negative burdens & crosses to bear that other people have bestowed on you. Uncrossing is for defending against Magickal attack & for eliminating psychic sludge coming from other people’s anger, jealousy, & negative thoughts. Psychic attack is when someone is waging a battle on you through the power of thoughts directed by will with the intent to cause you harm. It can be intentional or unintentional & the person doesn’t have to be a Magickal practitioner to do it. Once a month you should do some kind of spiritual cleansing (smudging, incensing etc) as a form of spiritual hygiene like washing your face or brushing your teeth.

LOVE HEALING FLOOR WASH - To heal a relationships when it has been rough. Whether the damage has been from inside the relationship (too many troubles, squabbles, lost trust, etc) or an outside source who cast dark workings to send you negative energy - from jealousy to vengeance to the sole purpose of separating you with your loved one. Sometimes it will return the relationship, if that is not possible, then this Floor Wash will help heal your broken heart so that you can move on with your life & an eventual new relationship.

50 SHADES OF SEDUCTION FLOOR WASH - Looking to loose your inhibitions about sex? Or want to discuss your intimate fantasies with your lover but you get tongue tied? This Floor Wash will help unlock those doors & head you towards your wildest fantasies. 50 Shades Of Seduction will set the stage to help help make your fantasies come true. Get your freak on! To maximize the effect, anoint yourself with Q Perfume (available in our Old World Formula Oils & Incense).

BLESS THIS HOME WITH MONEY FLOOR WASH - To keep a financial flow going for worry-free home full of abundance. This Floor Wash is to bless your home with both finances & spiritual blessings. Cleanse your home of negative energy & jinxes with Hocus Pocus Uncrossing Floor Wash, then bless it with abundance for all who live under its roof are free of financial worries & able to enjoy life.

HOUSE BLESSING FLOOR WASH - To cleanse your home of all negative spiritual energy. Blesses a home with an overall sense of peace, happiness, & calm. House Blessing should be done whenever you feel that things are getting unruly, if there have been too many arguments or too much tenseness. If you find that you are happy outside of your home, but when you come home you feel depressed, tired, no energy or stressed out & irritable. We highly recommend this Floor Wash. This Floor Wash should also be used before moving into a new place.