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Hocus Pocus Mojo Charm Bags
Hocus Pocus Mojo Charm Bags
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Hocus Pocus Mojo Charm Bags

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PLEASE NOTE: ALL orders requiring Magickal Apotheckary Items may require extra time to be shipped to your location, regardless of the shipping method selected.

Hocus Pocus Mojo Charm Bags - Our Hocus Pocus Mojo Charm Bags are custom made & personalized for each client after an online consultation to understand your specific requirements. This allows us to create a fine tuned amalgamation of herbs, roots, resins, flowers, gemstone, essential oils, sigils, & planetary seals that are carefully chosen by their aligning energy with the ultimate goal of the holder. Astrological & Lunar positions maximize the vibrational influences on the bag.

Each of our Mojo Bags come with a small vial of dressing oil to “feed” the bag. Feeding the bag is the process of dressing or anointing it with oil while focusing on your goal. This keeps the energy alive & charged. You should do this once a week by putting a small amount of oil on your thumb & rubbing it into the bag. Each bag will tell you what day of the week to do this on.

Our Mojo Charm Bags can also be ordered without a consultation if you so choose. Maybe it’s a gift or already exactly the way you need it to be. Choose from the Mojo Bags below.

If you would like a consultation, you can do so at our contact form or by email HERE. After a consultation, you will be directed to a custom Mojo Bag purchase page to finalize your order. CONTACT US FIRST IF YOU REQUIRE A CUSTOM MOJO BAG!

PLEASE NOTE: None of our Magickal Apotheckary items are premade mixtures like you might see elsewhere. ALL of our Magickal Apotheckary items are hand made especially for YOU after you purchase them! That means that these items may take a little more time to formulate into the perfect blend that will resonate with your individual vibration, purpose, & needs. These are custom made & created with such intensity that they may require a little longer processing time to complete! So please, have patience while we get your custom blended items together for you & everyone else. Thank you!

  • ENDINGS & BANISHING MOJO CHARM BAG - Use this Mojo bag when there is a definite & strong requirement for an abrupt ending of a given situation. You must also follow through with the same energy by having no contact, or as little as possible, & removing thoughts of what you desire to depart from your life. This Mojo can also be used for recovery from grief, overcoming addictions, casting protective Wards or to sever unhealthy bonds. Feed this Mojo on Saturdays as they are ruled by Saturn, Lord of Endings.
  • HEALING MOJO CHARM BAG - When a healing of the physical, mental, or spirit is required. Usually they go hand & hand . When one is off, the other two fall out of balance. So we want to balance the whole system of mind, body, & spirit. Wear this bag on you or whoever it is for. It’s vibrational energy will attune you & raise yours to a higher level to rise above whatever is causing the ill. Feed this bag on Wednesday that is ruled by Mercury - which rules all healing & communication.
  • HEXING MOJO CHARM BAG - Use this mojo whenever a strong crossing is required or deserved. Add the persons name, photo & any thing of theirs that you have or can get. Biologicals are of course, the best. Feel free to add broken glass. On a Tuesday (waning moon if possible) warlike Mars will see that you're justified in your nitty-gritty magicks. This is the day for breaking out the nastier spells when the nice one just didn't work. Sowing strife, if you're so inclined, will be most effective on a Tuesday. Feed the bag with the oil provided. Work up sufficient emotion & energy then insert the pins provided while saying what you desire to happen to the subject. Put in a closed box on your altar or other place that is in the South of your home. Feed the bag every Tuesday with the vilest if thoughts.
  • HOME PROTECTION MOJO CHARM BAG - This Mojo is for anyone who feels a possible threat on their home or the people in it. Examples would be: violent X’s, dangerous neighborhoods, break-ins, negative energies, uninvited entities etc.. Feed this Mojo on Tuesdays. This bag works great in conjunction with the Endings & Banishing bag.
  • JOYFUL HAPPY HOME MOJO CHARM BAG - Always a good thing to hang in your dwelling to add positive, uplifting energy to the place. If your dwelling is large, you might need several bags dispersed around the place. Be sure to place them high & hanging. Never set them down low. Always place them hanging & up high. Feed your bag on Sundays with the oil provided. Sunday is ruled by the Sun - which brings happiness, growth, well being, health, & joy.
  • LOVE ATTRACTION MOJO CHARM BAG - Draws love interests. If it’s a specific person, add their name written 9 times on parchment & insert into the mojo bag, along with anything personal that you might have. Biologicals are of course, the best. Feed on Fridays as Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love & beauty. Keep the bag with you & at night keep it in bed with you. To add an extra strong power - anoint the mojo with semen or female sexual fluids. Bring yourself to sexual pleasure & utilize orgasm as a power battery to launch your working.
  • LUCK & SUCCESS MOJO CHARM BAG - Brings prosperity, luck, & success. Use according to your situation. Have it on your person whenever you need that added oomph! Job interview, gambling, court cases, in your place of business, etc.. Feed this Mojo Bag on Thursday, as they are ruled by Jupiter which is expansiveness & good fortune!
  • PEACE & PROTECTION MOJO CHARM BAG - When you or your environment need all chaos to cease & dismiss. When peace & quiet is a requirement & protection from the chaos that can wear us down & drain our energy. Feed this Mojo Bag on Sunday as they are ruled by the Sun which is happiness, cooperation, lightness of spirit, & protection.
  • PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT MOJO CHARM BAG - Keep this mojo on your person whenever you are doing divination work, dream work, clairvoyance, spell casting, & necromancy. Feed this bag on Mondays, ruled by the Moon & all things psychic.
  • RESTFUL SLEEP MOJO CHARM BAG - Wards off nightmares & promotes restful sleep. Hang on your headboard or even around your neck. Keep it close, but not under your pillow. The essential oils need to be able to circulate in the air you breath. Feed bag on Monday nights. Monday is ruled by the Moon & all that is lunar - dreams, visions, intuition, & sleep.
  • ROAD OPENER MOJO CHARM BAG - This Mojo bag is for times when you need all blockages to dissipate - leaving the wide open road to your goal, whatever that may be. Feed this bag on a Wednesday. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury which rules ALL connections & pathways of communication.
  • UNCROSSING MOJO CHARM BAG - When someone has put the jinx, evil eye, or crossing on you knowingly or just with their negative energy towards you. Also use to prevent evil intent of others. Feed on Tuesdays which is ruled by Mars’s war like energy. It will reverse hexes and psychic attack put on you.