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Dowsing Pendulum

Dowsing Pendulum

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Wooden Pendulum - $18

Crystal Pendulum (Clear Quartz) - $18

Crystal Hexagonal Shape (Various Gemstones) - $24

Dowsing Pendulum - The main theory of Radiothesia or Dowsing is that your subconscious mind (where your psychic ability lives within your body) provides the answers to the questions. The pendulum acts as a signaling device for your own psychic answers. You are slightly moving the pendulum with subtle movements, that are projected down through your body & arms & into your pendulum. These movements are your own psychic, intuitive abilities answering your questions.

Most Dowsers work with three major movements with their Pendulum: YES, NO, & MAYBE. When working with your Pendulum it's always important to first begin by holding it between the thumb & pointer finger on whichever hand you feel more comfortable with. Hold the Pendulum over top of your other hand's palm. Swing the Pendulum in a straight back & forth motion & ask your Pendulum to show you a YES response. For some that is a back & forth motion. For others that might be a clockwise circle. Your response might be very unique to you. Now do the same for a NO response. Then ask your Pendulum to show you what movement indicates a MAYBE response.

My personal responses are:

  • YES = clockwise circles
  • NO = counterclockwise circles
  • MAYBE = pendulum stops moving

Even though I know my usual responses, I always start a Dowsing Session asking my Pendulum to show me their movements. After that I begin asking YES or NO questions during the session.

Your Pendulum is attuned to your vibration. That means only you should work with your Pendulum. I also recommend you place your Pendulum instead a pouch & inside you pillow case or under your pillow to put your vibrations on it. Hold it often. Cleanse it with salt, water (don't use water on wooden Pendulums), use Sage smoke, or place it under Moonlight.

The more you work with your Pendulum, the faster you will become. You can even get to a point where you intuit answers within seconds of asking them or you can start using your Pendulum to determine the flow of energy within a space. Experiment & have fun!!!!

NOTE: Every Pendulum we sell is different. We will pick one for you depending on what material you purchase & whichever one of that kind we have in stock.