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Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle
Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle
Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle
Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle
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Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle

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Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle - Our Stone & Herb candles work through your intent as it is supported with the vibration created by the combination of herbs, gemstones, oils, colors, & intention. When you anoint your candle with herbs &/or oils on your (a practice called dressing), you are rubbing your intentions & focused energy into the candle - which then stores it like a battery.

Carving sigils, symbols, names, etc. adds extra punch to the power. Holding the candle in your hands, end to end, & chanting a seed word or phrase; starting slowly & growing to a crescendo in speed & volume until your words run together into "semantic satiation". This is when a word or several words are repeated perpetually until the brain can no longer identify them. This seed word or phrase then becomes a verbal sigil. This is the peak we require. It’s then that you have reached a state of ecstatic gnosis. A very powerful state for manifesting. It's the launching power behind our Magickal Intentions.

The subconscious still knows what it is. This allows us to bypass the conscious mind that gets in our way of manifesting. We bypass all of the doubts. We plant that seed deep into the our subconscious mind & our timeline, to then manifest in our lives.

We light the candle at that moment when it all comes together.

Then we allow the candle to burn to completion. Saving the wax & gemstones that is left in a pouch. You can also grate the wax to create a sprinkle for hexing.

We currently have the following Stone & Herb Candles in stock...

Planetary Candles:

  • Jupiter - Rituals involving honor, riches, friendships, health, the hearts desires & luck.
  • Mars - Rituals involving energy, courage, battle, conflict, & death.
  • Mercury - Rituals involving the intellect, memory, science, creativity, business, magickal conjurations, divination, prediction, eloquence, & languages.
  • Venus - Rituals involving love, marriage, friendship, pleasure, beauty, artistic creativity, imagination, & fertility.
  • Saturn - Rituals involving knowledge, familiars, death, reincarnation, protect buildings, & binding.
  • Sun - Rituals involving money, honour, promotion, success, the support of those in power, friendship and healing.
  • Powers of the Full Moon - Rituals involving travel, visions, divination, dreams, magick, & love.
  • Powers of the New Moon - Rituals involving journeys into the inner self.

General Purpose Candles:

  • Angelic Calling - Used to call forth the powers of one or all Archangels.
  • Absorb Negativity - Absorbs negativity in a room / from an object.
  • Astral Travel - Serves as a beacon home & to promote Astral Travel.
  • Attraction - Attraction to in idea, person or thing.
  • Banishing - Banishment of an idea person or thing.
  • Banish Evil Spirits - Banishment of evil spirits.
  • Binding - To bind a person from doing harm.
  • Blessing - Blessing a house, car, person, etc.
  • Confidence - Solar powers of self assurance.
  • Courage - To Build Fortitude & Character.
  • Creativity - To aid in Mercurial thoughts & ideas of creating.
  • Divination - Use during fortune telling.
  • Dragon's Blood - Aids in adding power to any spell.
  • Energy - Creates the vibration of Energy.
  • Fertility - Pregnancy spell candle.
  • Forgiveness - Aids in healing of the mind & emotions.
  • Handfasting - As a Unity candle in Handfastings.
  • Healing - Aids in healing.
  • High John Conqueror - To overcome ones opposition.
  • Home Protection - To add protective energy to ones home.
  • House Blessing - To bless ones home.
  • Justice - Aids in a fair resolution.
  • Love - Aids in finding real meaningful love relationship.
  • Love Breaker - To terminate relationship.
  • Lust - What part of LUST do I need to explain!
  • Meditation - For use in mediation.
  • Money Draw - Used to draw money & fortune into your life.
  • New Beginning - Get a fresh start.
  • New Job - To help with employment search.
  • Nightmares - Aids in ending nightmares.
  • Passion - Encourages the flow of passion within a situation - can be used for relationships/love or even to bring passion back to anything that has gone stagnant.
  • Peace - Aids in ending conflicts between people.
  • Prosperity - Aids in business ventures.
  • Protection - General purpose protection.
  • Protection from Sorcery - Protection from Sorcery.
  • Psychic Power - Enhances your psychic abilities. 
  • Purification - Aids in fasting or other purification.
  • Remove Barrier - Unblock your path.
  • Return to Me - To call a person back to you.
  • Reverse Spell - To turn a spell back on the sender.
  • Rites of Release - To release the Spirit still earthbound.
  • Separation - Aids in keeping people apart peacefully.
  • Soul Mates - To find your soul mate.
  • Strength - Aids in causing physical/mental strength.
  • Success - Aids in causing a successful transaction.
  • Three Jacks - Aids in Luck for gambling.
  • Tranquility - To bring tranquility to a person or situation.
  • Travel - Aids in causing safe travel/vacation.
  • Unbinding - Free your Body Mind & Soul.
  • Wisdom - Used to obtain knowledge.

One Stone & Herb Ritual Pillar Candle with about 40 hour burn time depending on magickal & natural conditions.

Never leave a light candle unattended. Remove wrapper prior to burning. This is a Curio Product.