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Talisman of Jupiter
Talisman of Jupiter
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Talisman of Jupiter

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Talisman of Jupiter Necklace - Our Planetary symbols are found in an Ancient Grimoire - "The Key Of Solomon The King" written by Master Magician: King Solomon who believed the Seven Ancient "Planets" had immense power over Mankind & the Spirit World. The Ancients believed that these Magical Symbols could channel the Planet's Power & commanded the Planet's Spirits to obey.

Jupiter was considered the 6th of the Planets. It is said to rule over the Liver & the Pituitary Gland. It rules the body's growth rate & productions of Hormones.

This Talisman consists of the 6th & 7th pentacles of Jupiter said to:

  • Protect one from All Earthly Dangers.
  • Give Great Power against Poverty.
  • Bring Luck in Gambling, Business, & Lawsuits.
  • Increase Tranquility of Mind.
  • Make a person Honest with a deep Moral Sense.
  • Increase Mental Energy.
  • Give Great Ambition.
  • Ensure Good Fortune.
  • Give Freedom from all Money Problems.
  • Imbue Great Mental Energy.
  • Build Strength of Will & Character.

Our Planetary Talismans are carefully chosen for their Great Powers & prepared using the traditional methods known to only a few craftsmen.

Use your Magical Planetary Talismans with Goodness & Wisdom as they are very powerful.

Necklace is 1.5" inches diameter. Made of lead-free pewter.