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Talisman of Mercury
Talisman of Mercury
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Talisman of Mercury

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Talisman of Mercury Necklace - Our Planetary symbols are found in an Ancient Grimoire - "The Key Of Solomon The King" written by Master Magician King Solomon who believed that the Seven Ancient "Planets" had immense power over Mankind & the Spirit World.

The Priests, Rabbis, & Mystics of the Ancient World believed that the "Planets" had immense powers over the emotions, character, and physical attributes of Mankind as well as the "Spirit World." They knew of Seven "Planets": The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn & believed that the Magical Symbols, (which we have engraved onto our talisman) channeled the Powers of these Planets & commanded the Spirits of each Planet to obey.

Mercury was considered to be the 3rd of the 7 fabled Planets of the Ancients.

Our Talisman consists of the 3rd & 4th "Pentacles" of Mercury said to:

  • Invoke All Spirits subject to Mercury.
  • Aid in finding hidden Treasure.
  • Enhance Artistic & Scientific Ability.
  • Increase your Psychic Communication.
  • Convey Personal Magnetism.
  • Help gain the impossible.
  • Bring Success in Business.
  • Open all doors to Secret Knowledge.
  • Cause Wishes to be granted.
  • Acquire Understanding & Knowledge of All Things
  • Give a fine memory.
  • Bring Skill in Writing & make one Eloquent.
  • Inspire Writers & remove writer's block.

This is a Great Talisman for Writers, Poets or Artists!!!!

Use your Magical Planetary Talismans with Goodness & Wisdom as they are very powerful.

Necklace is 1.5" inches diameter. Made of lead-free pewter.